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Smart Tool

AI-assisted magic wand

Manual segmentation of a complex shape can be ridiculously time-consuming. Our tool uses AI to produce high quality results with lower cost.


Select region of interest

It does not matter if your object was never seen by our neural network — it’s class-agnostic


Refine model predictions

If needed, correct output by pointing where is background and where is an object


Get pixel-wise segmentation

Your annotation is saved as a bitmap along with guiding input that can refined later at any time


Designed for any object

Smart tool is class-agnostic — it was not trained to capture specific objects, but rather any forms that stand out.

Trainable neural network

Customizable it to work on your data

What’s great about the neural network in the core of the smart tool is that it can be re-trained to better fit your very unique case and produce unprecedented results with just a little bit of extra data.

Prediction quality is bad

Neural network in the heart of the smart tool never saw a human — it fails to produce great segmentation at first.

Add new labeled data

Label a few examples of objects smart tool needs to predict better and run automated re-train application.

Prediction quality is awesome!

Now smart tool has re-trained and uses updated neural network that knows how humans look — and it produces precise segmentation.

Tailored solutions

Even better results with Ecosystem

The core technology behind the Smart Tools is stunning — but it becomes an absolute deal-breaker when we deploy the Smart Tool as part of our Ecosystem. Now, other Supervisely Apps can communicate with it and can build more complex solution, such as this Batch Smart Tools application:

Learn about AI Ecosystem

Different modalities

Images, videos, 3D, medical — it's on!

Another substantial thing about neural networks is that it's easy to adapt it to different modalities. That means, that the Smart Tools not only work on images, but on sequential frames, such as videos or multi-slice medial imaging and even 3D point clouds with more than two dimensions!


Learn more


Learn more

3D clouds

Learn more


Learn more

Three reasons to try it now

Don't believe on our bare word — create an account for free, upload images and try how our interactive AI-assisted tools work for you!


Works in real time

No need to trade speed for quality — smart tool can produce prediction almost immediately in response to your input!


Shines on videos and 3D

While crucially increasing labeling speed on images, smart tool is priceless in segmentation of videos, DICOMs and 3D point clouds.


Precise bitmap masks

In many cases smart tool can outperform human labeler not only in terms of speed, but also produce quality beyond human capabilities.


On-premise edition built for your business

A fully customizable AI infrastructure, deployed on cloud or your servers with everything you love about Supervisely, plus advanced security, control, and support.

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  • Maximum security: hosted behind firewall on your servers with advanced governance and privacy settings
  • Effortless integrations: single sign-on with LDAP or OpenID, cloud storage in AWS or Azure and powerful API & SDK
  • Priority support: dedicated slack chat, guided onboarding and personalized training sessions with experts
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supervisely update
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Sure thing, check out this docs!

Here’s why our customers trust us

Engie customer testimonial
Quote mark

We use Supervisely since 2019. The key advantage of this tool is that Supervisely provides a complete data treatment pipeline. An important advantage is that a Supervisely instance can be deployed autonomously on a Client infrastructure, and distributed on different servers.

It helps to treat enterprise’s internal and often confidential data in a secured way. Together with a user-friendly interface, a clear documentation and a friendly and reactive support team it helps us to do Data Scientist work better and faster.

Dmitriy Slutskiy
PhD Research Engineer
BMW customer testimonial

BMW Group is using the solution to create automated verifications for ensuring a very high product quality across the whole production chain in vehicle and vehicle component manufacturing.

BMW Group uses to annotate manufacturing images from production lines in their world-wide plants for enhancing quality inspections using deep learning. The tooling also supports the process for continuously updating AI models using semi-automated labeling. is integrated into the BMW Group AI Platform in order to empower computer vision based AI use cases.

Surgar customer testimonial
Quote mark

We’ve been working together with Supervisely since 2020, and we have helped each other to grow rapidly and significantly.

Supervisely’s team has been incredibly fast and agile in taking on board our requirements and implementing useful, up-to-date computer vision functionalities. In addition, we appreciate the openness and scalability of their ecosystem combined with the Python SDK and API. So far, we have been very satisfied with the platform and the incredibly responsive team.

Julien Peyras
Director of Data Science Department
UCD customer testimonial
Quote mark

Working with has significantly enhanced our capability to develop AI models for lung CT scans. What sets apart is its exceptional support team who are really responsive and adapt to our unique needs with a range of apps and helper files.

Their team has developed updates driven by our specific user feedback, making a critical component of our research ecosystem in generating the specific labels we need to provide AI-driven solutions. We are immensely grateful for their pivotal role in our work.

Katie Noonan
AI Research Engineer
Resson customer testimonial
Quote mark

We originally set out to look for tools that could help us with data annotation, and we discovered that Supervisely excels at that and much more. It has become an integral part of our workflow in annotation, model training, and evaluation.

We've been exceedingly impressed with the customer support, addition of new features, and the flexibility of the publicly available SDK/API. The Supervisely team has also been fast to respond to support questions, and has shown a lot of openness when given feedback on potential improvements.

Travis Prosser
Engineering Specialist
Toadi customer testimonial
Quote mark

We have been using Supervisely for a few years now to help label and organize our data for AI training. The interface is user-friendly and the tools are intuitive to use, which has made the annotation process much more efficient for our team. We run Supervisely locally, which allows us to stay in control of our data. We also use Supervisely for annotation reviews, and the review tools have been invaluable in ensuring the quality and accuracy. The Python SDK has also been incredibly helpful in automating and streamlining our workflow. In addition, the support team on Slack has been extremely helpful and responsive. The ability to collaborate with my colleagues on the same project has also been a huge time-saver.

Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with Supervisely and would highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and efficient annotation solution.

Mike Slembrouck



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Trusted by Fortune 500. Used by 80,000+ companies and researchers worldwide

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