Work in Supervisely

Senior Backend Developer (Node.js, Docker, Linux)

Supervisely platform can be installed in very different environments (clouds, closed networks, proxies, VPNs) with many unique challenges and endure high-load usage with lots of people generating and uploading huge datasets (billions of rows and terabytes of files).

We are looking for people who are not afraid of challenges and ready to find solutions to unique problems with tools and APIs they have never seen before, rather than coding the same CRUDs over and over again.

Web Development

About Supervisely

You can think of Supervisely as an Operating System available via Web Browser to help you solve Computer Vision tasks. The idea is to unify all the relevant tools within a single Ecosystem of apps, tools, UI widgets and services that may be needed to make the AI development process as smooth and fast as possible.

More concretely, Supervisely includes the following functionality:

  • Data labeling for images, videos, 3D point clouds and volumetric medical images (DICOM)
  • Data visualization and quality control
  • State-Of-The-Art Deep Learning models for segmentation, detection, classification and other tasks
  • Interactive tools for model performance analysis
  • Specialized Deep Learning models to speed up data labeling (aka AI-assisted labeling)
  • Synthetic data generation tools
  • Instruments to make it easier to collaborate for data scientists, data labelers, domain experts and software engineers

Watch video about Supervisely’s main principles from our CEO Yuri Borisov:

Learn more here:

Your daily adventures will include:

  • Coding in modern JavaScript using Node.js
  • Working with tools like PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ and Nginx
  • Configuring Logstash, K8S, AWS and other tools you might never seen or even heard before
  • Solving tough challenges such as Docker network issues
  • Collaborating with Enterprise customers from the world leading companies to solve technical issues
  • Contributing ideas and constructive feedback to our product development roadmap

Few examples of tasks you may be asked to solve:

  • Add a new API method or fix an issue in existing services
  • Debug OOM error inside Node.js transform stream
  • Suggest an index optimization in PostgreSQL
  • Find why one of internal services randomly drops connections inside Docker network
  • Jump on a call with customer's engineer to debug an unusual error

We are looking for:

  • 2+ years in JavaScript and Node.js
  • Experience with SQL (preferably PostgreSQL) and query optimization
  • Experience with Docker and Docker Compose
  • Understanding of how internet and OS works
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills in English

You will get extra credits for:

  • Python knowledge would be very welcomed, but not required
  • Experience with cloud services like AWS and orchestration systems such as Kubernetes
  • Solid Linux scripting skills
  • Basic frontend knowledge: React / Vue, HTML, CSS
  • University degree in a technical subject (Computer science, Mathematics, or similar) or equivalent experience in the industry
  • Experience creating tutorials, videos or technical blog posts
  • Experience in building your own startup or product

Why you’ll love it here:

  • Fully remote job with flexible working hours
  • Small team of totally rad (and humble!) people
  • Quick professional growth by solving unique and challenging tasks
  • Building hacker culture, you'll make many product decisions on your own
  • Impact and work with our growing community of 65k+ companies, researchers and developers worldwide
  • Work closely and solve real tasks with our customers — leading companies in various industries like autonomous vehicles, agriculture, medicine and manufacturing

Sounds interesting?

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