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Data Scientist, 3D Point Cloud

We are building a top data science team focused on computer vision and are looking for exceptional people to work with us. You will enjoy an opportunity to train and apply state-of-the-art models to various real world tasks, design custom training and inference pipelines, integrate neural networks into Supervisely and share them with the entire ML community.

In addition, we are doing cutting-edge research in various directions, including labeling automation, AI-assisted tools to speed up data annotation, synthetic datasets, human-in-the-loop, active learning, GANs, and many more.

Most common modality to work will be 2D and 3D medical images.

Machine Learning

About Supervisely

You can think of Supervisely as an Operating System available via Web Browser to help you solve Computer Vision tasks. The idea is to unify all the relevant tools within a single Ecosystem of apps, tools, UI widgets and services that may be needed to make the AI development process as smooth and fast as possible.

More concretely, Supervisely includes the following functionality:

  • Data labeling for images, videos, 3D point clouds and volumetric medical images (DICOM)
  • Data visualization and quality control
  • State-Of-The-Art Deep Learning models for segmentation, detection, classification and other tasks
  • Interactive tools for model performance analysis
  • Specialized Deep Learning models to speed up data labeling (aka AI-assisted labeling)
  • Synthetic data generation tools
  • Instruments to make it easier to collaborate for data scientists, data labelers, domain experts and software engineers

Watch video about Supervisely’s main principles from our CEO Yuri Borisov:

Learn more here:

Your daily adventures will include:

  • Creating Supervisely Apps, main areas include development of Data Pipelines for medical volumes and Machine Learning models infrastructure
  • Working with top github repositories with state-of-the-art models, train, test, deploy and integrate them into Supervisely
  • Coding mostly in Python, basic understanding of HTML and Vue.js is welcomed, but not required
  • Handling the entire model lifecycle: data preparation, training, inference, model debugging, comparison, deployment. Building special ML tools for work automation and publish them in our Ecosystem
  • Experiment with modern research, explore SOTA papers and conferences
  • Proactively solving technical challenges and fixing bugs
  • Contributing ideas and constructive feedback to our product development roadmap
  • Sharing your knowledge with community developers by creating tech videos, blog posts and promoting appropriate tech and engineering best practices in and outside of the team
  • Collaborating with Enterprise customers to help with integration and building customized data and model pipelines
  • Improving documentation, creating guides and tutorials for our developer portal

We are looking for:

  • Industry experience in data science and machine learning (1+ years recommended)
  • Knowledge of major Python libraries like Pytorch, Tensorflow, Numpy, Pandas, requests, sklearn, OpenCV
  • Solid understanding of modern developer tools: docker, git, github, vscode, venv
  • Good principles towards writing clean, simple and maintainable code
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Leveraging our in-house data and model platform that allow you to perform experiments in a matter of days

You will get extra credits for:

  • Participating and winning Kaggle competitions
  • Experience in NN frameworks designed for volumes and understanding medical data formats (dicom, nrrd, nifti, etc)
  • Experience in organizing dataset creation from scratch, experimentation with GANs or synthetic data
  • Experience in building client-server apps using FastApi, Flask, Uvicorn or others
  • Development of your own Python library / repository or participating and contributing in a popular one
  • Familiarity with any cloud systems (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • University degree in a technical subject (Computer science, Mathematics, or similar) or equivalent experience in the industry
  • Experience creating tutorials, videos or technical blog posts, publications
  • Experience in building your own startup or product

Why you’ll love it here:

  • Play a direct role in shaping the future of building Computer Vision solutions
  • Working on Supervisely App Engine - the new way of building python single page web applications that can be also used outside Supervisely
  • Accelerate your professional growth by solving challenging development tasks
  • Contribution to open-course: Supervisely Python SDK and all Apps in our Ecosystem are open-sourced
  • Impact and work with our growing community of 65k+ companies, researchers and developers worldwide
  • Work closely and solve real tasks with our customers — leading companies in various industries like autonomous vehicles, agriculture, medicine and manufacturing
  • Intensive knowledge sharing with our extremely talented web-development team

Sounds interesting?

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